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    1. Welcome

      Welcome to BIBA!

      Dear Parents and Friends,

      Welcome to BIBA! ? ? ? ? ?

      We are a vibrant and joyful international school located in the beautiful Shunyi, suburb of Beijing. We have been growing steadily since our inception in 2006, as increasing ?numbers of both Chinese and foreign families ?are ?seeing the importance of being?bilingual
      in ?two of the world’s most important languages:English and Chinese. ? Our?modern campus now comprises of Early Childhood Center, Elementary School and Middle-High School. ? ? ? ?

      Our ?learning ?culture at ?BIBA ?is ?one ?which combines?rigor, ?discipline ?and ?traditions of Chinese teaching methods ?with ?the vibrant, stimulating and outward looking creativity of International methods. The result is a student body which loves to?study hard and play hard – and in two languages! ? ? ?

      Fundamental ?to ?the success ?of our BIBA program is the passion of our foreign and Chinese teaching staff ?members. ?They deliver not only our various academic ?programs (US National Standards, Chinese ?National ?Standards, ?IMYC, ?IGCSE, and IBDP), ?but also they play an important role, via many non-academic initiatives, in the development of a holistic student. Our aim is that BIBA students will be confident, competent, and well equipped to take on the challenges of our modern society with and international-mindedness. ? ? ?

      I hope that you will be interested to learn more about BIBA through our website, and if you are in Beijing, we encourage you to visit and see us in action!


      Sincerely yours,

      Dr. K. C. Pang

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      Can't Stop the Feeling

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